Our world-class facility...

One of the reasons we are able to realize our customers furniture designs with such precision and elegance is our state of the art shop facility. Our shop is comprised of 5,000 square feet - a significant amount of space that grants us the freedom to turn any vision into a reality.

We take tremendous pride in the time and effort we have put into creating our shop and filling it with custom-designed equipment, all for the purpose of bringing our customer’s dreams to life.

Our world-class facility, combined with our craftsmen’s extensive knowledge and skill, allow us the flexibility to work with our organic wood slabs combined with metal, stone, acrylic, glass and concrete in new and exciting ways. This gives us the ability to deliver furniture of a wide range of styles from industrial to contemporary and beyond.

From state-of-the-art machinery and use of cutting-edge practices to the most traditional tools and classic techniques we insure the creation of truly one of a kind uniquely crafted furniture.