The Passion Behind Exotic Wood Furniture...

It began eighteen years ago when its founders realized a common love for woodworking while taking their sons around the country for hockey tournaments. They developed a friendship, taking excursions to local mills around the rinks, which rapidly expanded their leisure pastime into beautiful works of art.

The final piece of the puzzle, came when an extremely gifted metal artist was introduced to them four years ago. It became apparent that their collaboration was going to be something spectacular.

Their shared talent and passion for woodworking and metalwork has developed into a friendship and a team that consistently creates some of the most extraordinary custom furniture art in the world.

Exotic Wood Furniture customers often marvel at their ability to create one-of-a-kind pieces that far exceed their expectations.

Our furniture is comprised of some of the finest and sustainable exotic woods such as; Walnut (Claro, English, & Black), Sapele, Maple, Cherry, Butternut, Mesquite, Redwood, Yew, Jarah, and many others. Finding exotic woods from around the world assist us in creating unique, natural, and functional furniture; ranging from small end tables to large conference and dining room tables.

Additionally, most of our suppliers participate in environmentally friendly programs that reclaim exotic wood slabs, which have fallen due to natural disasters.

The shop and showroom is located just outside New York City and close to the Hamptons . We are always open and available for our customers to view our exclusive natural wood furniture, and we regularly are displayed at the finest furniture shows, design studios and galleries throughout the year.